about us

Each adventure, each legend, each golden interlude holds within it a place where daring meets with serendipity; where virtuosity mingles with beautiful imperfection. This is the realm of creative exploration. This is the realm of oda. An eclectic, electric mix of Tokyo Pop and Edwardian extravagance, fantasy, magic, and mischief, oda's exquisite garments are meticulously handcrafted with grace, glamour, and imagination.

oda's limited-edition and one-of-a-kind collections are textile compositions created in homage to the muses which fuel inspiration. These wearable odes are accompanied by stories, poems, daydreams, and drawings—often reflected as prints on some of their fastidiously constructed and deliciously embellished pieces. Whether you are dressing for your unconventional everyday, or adorning yourself for that most unique and extraordinary of occasions, oda creates garments as original, whimsical, and socially conscious as you are.

Each oda garment is constructed using socially responsible and environmentally sustainable materials and methods. oda clothing begins with exceptionally lovely fabrics and natural fibers — lovingly dyed using person and planet friendly techniques. From foundation to embellishment, oda clothing represents a commitment to environmental sensitivity and best practices. oda takes refined inspiration from traditional crafts and cultures, and is dedicated to their empowerment and the preservation of their rich and varied heritage.

oda's vision is rooted in a mutual love of art, nature, history, and fashion. Founders Angie Kim, Maggie Kim, and Mandalyn Begay met while undergraduates at Dartmouth College. The trio went on to launch oda while studying together at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. From this early symbiosis comes the symphony that is oda.

oda creates clothing for the rising of the sun, for the fading light of dusk, for the instant when the winding path appears as if from nowhere.